Af en toe kijk ik met extra aandacht naar blogs en sites
die zich bezig houden met het ontwerpen van de omdlag
van boeken. Deze week zag ik de volgende twee boekomslagen.
Prachtig door hun eenvoud.

 photo HarryMulishTheAssaultDeAanslag.jpg

Harry Mulisch, The Assault (de Aanslag).

 photo BarneyNorrisFiveRiversOnAWoodedPlain.jpg

Barney Norris, Five rivers on a wooden plain. Vijf rivieren op een houten vlakte. Ik ken nog de auteur nog de titel. Maar mooi is de omslag wel.

Amazon UK:

“The five rivers which meet around Salisbury symbolise the five people and the stories of their life over a few months of the summer. The novel is bookended by one of them, Liam, with a brief enigmatic introduction, and a longer conclusion where he muses over the impact the other four have had on him. Each of the other four has a separate chapter to tell their own tale. The five meet together only once, at the central dramatic moment, but there are several individual meetings, some before the novel’s timeframe (some of which have been forgotten until now). This happens like the five rivers, which as Liam says “[although they] never come together in the same place at the same time, disappear instead back into the greater body of water they came from, and make their way out to the sea.”