Mrs. Mills: O’er the ivory that is her flesh and bone

Laat ik beginnen dat de kennis
in dit bericht niet van mij komt.
Daarom is de categorie van dit bericht ‘Gastcorrespondent’.

Het bericht gaat over een van de nummers
op het recente album van Eddy Vedder: Earthling.

Als je het verhaal gelezen hebt dat je op
Wikipedia kunt vinden, begrijp je de trompetten
op de achtergrond van het nummer, de violen, het arrangement.

Dit is de tekst van het nummer:

Mrs. Mills waits in the dark for the red light to go on
And the curtains will be drawn so none could see
All the townsfolk, they don’t know what the men do down below
In the shadows of a disco neon glow
In the spotlight, she lifts her wings high
And sings like nobody before
Holds her own as their hands, they roam
O’er the ivory that is her flesh and bone
Oh, and every suitor gets their own song
To none of them she ever will belong
‘Cause no one takes a Mrs. Mills home
Mrs. Mills waits down the stairs, crimson carpet leads you there
Leaving broken hearts, a trail of those who dared
Mr. Wonder, then Sir John, Miss Madonna played by Paul
Even royalty, they have to leave by dawn
As they play her, a sound like a prayer
She sings like nobody before
Oh, holds her own as the sound unfolds
O’er ivories, are hers and hers alone
Still, every suitor gets their own song
To none of them she will ever belong
‘Cause no one takes a Mrs. Mills home
And no ones born to feel like they are owned
Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills
Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills
Mrs. Mills, if I could find ya, I would never do you wrong
Mrs. Mills, could I oblige ya, would ya play me just one song?
Mrs. Mills, I am confiding, I have loved you all along
Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills
Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills
Oh, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Mills


Neem nu nog even de moeite om het stuk op Wikipedia
te lezen en dan vooral:


The name “Mrs Mills” was given to a vintage 1905 Steinway Vertegrand piano, frequently used by her at Abbey Road Studios in London, where she recorded. The piano, with a characteristic out-of-tune honky-tonk sound, has remained in use at Abbey Road for over 50 years and was used in countless recordings made there, including some by The Beatles. According to Eddie Vedder in an interview for the SmartLess podcast in February 2022, Paul McCartney tried to buy the piano but the studio refused.

Although Mills’ musical legacy had been largely forgotten in recent times, June 2012 saw the emergence of London-based tribute band The Mrs Mills Experience with a debut at The Vintage Festival at Boughton House in Northamptonshire. On 13 July, they were filmed playing live at The Prince Albert pub in Brixton, London Borough of Lambeth by the BBC. On 23 September 2012, BBC Four broadcast the 60-minute documentary Let’s Have a Party! The Piano Genius of Mrs Mills on the life of Mills, which included footage of the band and contributions from Rick Wakeman, Rowland Rivron and Pete Murray, amongst others.

Eddie Vedder’s 2022 album, Earthling, contains a song called “Mrs. Mills” about the piano, featuring Ringo Starr on drums

Los van dit prachtige verhaal is het
een heel mooi nummer.
Met dank aan de persoon die me op dit
prachtige verhaal wees waardoor aan het nummer
nog meer te genieten valt.