Dan bleef er dus nog het een en ander over.
Niet van mindere kwaliteit of zo.
Maar andere thema’s.

Bhawani Das, Giant Indian flying fruit bat, 18e eeuw.

Johann Gutenberg & Johann Fust, Bijbel, Volume I Folio 63v (detail), 1455.

Claire Morgan, Captive.

Installaties zie je niet vaak in mijn web logs.
Deze vond ik aangrijpend.

Ik trof dit aan met de volgende tekst:

The artistic practices of Claire Morgan reveal a strong interest
in whatever touches upon the organic and in natural processes,
illustrated in her sculptural installations.
The artist often has recourse to the power of objects and to scenarios
that simultaneously illustrate acute beauty and horror.
Through monumental yet fragile installations, Claire Morgan addresses
our changing relationship with the rest of the natural world,
and how our attitude towards nature might impact on that which sustains us.
She is interested in how animals, including humans,
can function within increasingly complex environments

Georges Braque, Nature Morte, 1929.

John Frederick Lewis, Greeting in the desert, Egypt (Selamat Teiyibin), 1855.

Saul Steinberg, The Spiral, 1966.

Sixeart, Untitled, 2007.

Thomas Moran, Green river of Wyoming, 1878.

Trinity and Adoring choirs of angels, Prayer Book, Tours, ca 1517.

De Heilige Drieeenheid, koor met engelen.
Geillustreerd gebedenboek van Claude de France.